Kytarový kabel BS 3m rovný-rovný jack

Velmi kvalitní kytarový kabel a pozlacenými jacky
Délka - 3m

Jack - rovný a rovný

BlackSmith Gold Series instrument cables are designed and manufactured to perform clean and pure signals without noise. Our custom made 24K gold plated bass 6.35mm 1/4" connectors improves conductivity and corrosion resistance. Studio-quality 22 AWG OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) core ensures deliver clean transparent signals with detailed sound. OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) 95% coverage twine shield offers EMI (Eletromagnetic interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) makes less noise. Clear plug caps prevents 24K gold plated brass connectors from the damage and extend lifetime. BlackSmith gold series instrument cable offers one year limited lifetime warranty. With our gold series instrument cable, you will experience the perfect clear and pure sound.  

337 Kč